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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions they are for your safe guard.



This Agreement is made between Cross Coastal Camper Hire and the person/s booking and hiring the campervan.

Terms & Conditions are accepted when booking the campervan and on the collection day. Please ensure you read these prior to making your booking. If any amendment to these terms and conditions is made, Cross Coastal Camper Hire and the Hirer should note and sign this.


"The Hirer/you" refers to the person or people who are named on the rental Agreement and booking confirmation and includes any further guests.

"This Agreement'" defines the Rental Agreement, the insurance companies' Rental Agreement and the Terms and Conditions below. In the event of any inconsistencies between these documents, the stipulations within these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence.

"Hire Period" means the dates and times of hire as confirmed in the booking confirmation or any agreed duration and any other period where the Vehicle is under the responsibility of the hirer/s.

"Us/we" Means Cross Coastal Camper Hire.

"Vehicle" refers to the camper van chosen for hire, as seen on the 'Our Vans' page and includes but is not limited to; accessories, tyres, tools, furniture, equipment and any add-on equipment as selected and paid for at the time of booking.

Driver Requirements

Any hirer looking to hire our vehicles must be aged between 21-79 and have held a full UK or EU licence for at least two years.

If you have points on your driving license, you may be liable for an increased excess or declined; this will be investigated at the time of conducting a DVLA license check but must be disclosed up to 4 weeks before the date of hire.

Before four weeks of the date of hire start, we will require the following:

-A copy of the driving licence/licences of all those planning to drive

-A DVLA online licence check, which we will conduct at the induction

-Two Proofs of address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement)

-Signed rental Agreement provided by us

Cancellation Policy

No deposit refund shall be given in any circumstance of the Hirer cancelling the booking.

In the case of cancellation by the Hirer after any additional or full payment, this will apply as per the below.

If we have to cancel your hire for any reason, a 100% refund will be given to you. However, we accept no further responsibility for any other or additional losses.

Payment of Hire Booking

Any Bookings can be made online via our website; alternatively, please get in touch with us (via our 'contact us' page) to make a booking on your behalf for any period longer than seven days.

At the point of booking, a non-refundable deposit of £150 will be required, and the full payment is required eight weeks before the hire commences.

Further/final payments can be made via the 'My bookings' page that becomes available once logged into our site, or alternatively, a reminder email will be sent to you at eight weeks, prompting you to pay and providing further instructions.

If the full payment has yet to be paid by eight weeks, we will attempt to contact you twice; if we do not receive a response or payment, your booking will be cancelled.

Security Holding

As a precaution, we ask that all hirers allow us to hold a refundable security deposit of £750 during their vehicle hire. This should be paid at collection by BACS, Debit Card or Credit Card.

This allows us to ensure the van has been kept per these terms & conditions and conduct a final check-over upon return.

If all is in order, the £750 will be returned to your nominated account within 3-5 working days of the end of the hire. We will contact you to discuss if we find anything to prevent us from returning part or all of the monies.

If any damage or losses are noted that are worth more than the security deposit, the hirer/s will be responsible for compensating any further funds to rectify this.

Additional Driver

An additional driver can be added from our 'Add ons' at the point of booking. This incurs an additional fee of £7.00 per day. The additional driver must also bring the documents and ID mentioned above under 'Driver Requirements'. Additional drivers must also sign and agree to the rental Agreement and terms & conditions.

If any person who has not been insured drives the Vehicle, this will automatically be voided, and a fee will be charged. Apart from those named on the Rental Agreement, no other person shall drive the Vehicle.


Dogs are permitted in our Vehicle if this is selected as an add-on at the booking stage. You will be liable if your dog causes any damage to the Vehicle or items inside. You are responsible for adhering to any laws regarding your dog's safety, including a seat belt. Your dog should never be left unsupervised or alone in the Vehicle.


Smoking is not permitted in the Vehicle at any time. You will be liable for a charge if we find evidence of smoking.

PLEASE BE AWARE there are safety reasons for this, such as the LPG and flammable goods within the Vehicle

Travel Insurance

The Hirer will be responsible for organising and purchasing their travel insurance and ensuring it is valid for proposed activities.

Fines & Tickets

In the event that we receive fines, tickets or penalties of any kind, the Hirer will be held responsible. We reserve the right to pass your information to the relevant companies or debt collection agencies, including, but not limited to, speeding fines, parking fines, and bus lane activations.


If any accident occurs, the Hirer must notify Cross Coastal Campers in the first instance unless the Hirer feels the need to contact the relevant emergency services first.

The Hirer is to do the following to the best of their ability

-Collect the name, address and contact number of any other persons/vehicles involved in the accident

  • Collect the name, address and contact number of any witnesses

  • Take pictures of any damage

  • Collect names and references from any police officers if applicable

The Hirer is not to accept responsibility verbally, physically or in writing. You must supply your details alongside Cross Coastal Camper's policy number to anyone involved in the accident. They should be instructed to call the claims advisers on this number 0370 606 4912


The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Vehicle is returned to us with the same amount of fuel that the Vehicle had at the point of collection. Failure to do so will incur the hirer a £1.60 charge per litre until the tank is full. The Hirer is also responsible for ensuring that they use the correct type of fuel - in the event that either of these clauses are broken, we reserve the right to take a further charge from the security deposit.

Theft of Vehicle

In the event that the Vehicle is stolen or lost, you will notify Cross Coastal Campers in the first instance. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that they act in an appropriate manner. If any negligence is discovered, the Hirer is responsible for the Vehicle's replacement cost.

Damage to the Vehicle

At the point of collection, you will be required to undergo an inspection of the Vehicle with a member of Cross Coastal Camper Hire, where we will complete a vehicle appraisal form detailing any scratches, dents, chips or scuffs. Once the appraisal procedure has been completed, you will be required to sign the completed document to confirm your satisfaction.

At the point of return, the same procedure will occur to ensure that no further damage has been caused to the Vehicle under the responsibility of the Hirer. This includes but is not limited to;

- Any scratch, chip or dent in the bodywork or wheels

- Window damage and windscreen damage

- Any damage caused by negligent behaviour

  • Any damage caused by insufficient levels of oil, water or coolant

  • Damage to tyres

  • Mechanical faults due to careless driving

  • Damage to any interior, including furniture, carpet, appliances

Frequent Maintenance

The Hirer will ensure that they are frequently checking the Vehicle's oil, water and coolant, along with any other steps to ensure the Vehicle's safety and reliability. If the Hirer does incur any cost in order to do this, we will refund this up to the value of £75 on the condition that the Hirer has the correct receipts and proof upon return of the Vehicle.

This will only apply on prior agreements with Cross Coastal Camper Hire, and so long as it has not been caused due to a breach of any other point in the Terms & Conditions or Rental Agreement.

Vehicle Usage

The Vehicle will be used for social, domestic and pleasure reasons only. The Hirer will abide by all road laws and speed limits. The Hirer will also be sure to drive the Vehicle in a sensible manner and not in any way that will or is likely to cause mechanical or physical damage to the Vehicle. The Hirer shall not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst driving the Vehicle, nor shall they bring any dangerous explosives or gases. The Hirer will also not leave the Vehicle unattended with the keys.

Any violation of these rules will result in a breach of this contract, and you may be liable for criminal offences and/or further fines.

General Rules for Usage of the Vehicle

Any breach of these rules will result in the Hirer being held liable for any expenses and fines incurred by Cross Coastal Campers.

  • To drive and act according to the law

  • No Smoking

  • The Vehicle is to remain within the United Kingdom - no travel to EU or Northern Ireland - breach of this will result in the insurance being voided and authorities being notified.

  • The sliding window and door must be open when cooking on the hob.

  • The Vehicle is to be returned in the same condition as it left at the beginning of the hire period.

  • Ensure the gas is turned off when not in use.

  • Pay attention during the induction before driving and using the van, as we will provide training and instructions about how to use the different components.

  • Ensure the pop-top roof has been securely fastened and closed.


Cross Coastal Campers will provide fully comprehensive insurance when the van is on hire. In the event that a claim is made by the Hirer or by a third party, we will use the security deposit paid by the Hirer to pay for the insurance excess. The Hirer will also be responsible for making up the excess shortfall. The Camper is fitted with a Thatcham-approved S5 tracker that can be used anytime to access the Camper's location. We reserve the right to access the tracking data log. In the instance suspicion is raised, a check will be performed to ensure the correct use of the campervan and, if necessary, to report to the relevant authorities.

Excess for insurance - £1000

The insurance cover will be void in the case of any of the below.

-The driver is under any influence of alcohol or drugs

-The Vehicle is carrying more passengers than permitted - 5 passengers

-No due care was taken, and the Vehicle was left unattended or unlocked

-The Vehicle has not been driven with care and attention

-The Vehicle is or was being used as a towing vehicle

-The Vehicle is or was being used for business

-The Vehicle was driven off-road

-If any further terms within this document or the Rental Agreement have been broken

In this case, the Hirer will be fully liable and will cover the total cost of repairs or of a new vehicle. This may mean further funds after the security deposit.


In the event of our van breaking down, our insurance will meet and cover some costs that may occur because of this. If the van is deemed undrivable - or unable to be repaired within a reasonable time frame, roadside recovery will come to your location and attempt to locate and fix the problem. If this is not possible, then our insurance will cover a part of the cost of accommodation, or you will be taken back to the campsite or to our main base in Somerset.

If the van cannot resume the journey, Cross Coastal Campers will refund you for any remaining days of hire but will not be responsible for any other costs lost. The Hirer should confirm this with their travel insurance.

Release and endorsement of Cross Coastal Camper Hire

Subject to Cross Coastal Camper hire obligation to deliver the Vehicle or any other similar vehicle, the Hirer releases Cross Coastal Camper hire and employees of any liability (regardless of who is at fault) for the loss or damage incurred by the Hirer by cause that relates to this Agreement. This includes but isn’t limited to any loss or damage caused by breakdown, mechanical problems, accidents or the Vehicle being used for unlawful activities, as well as the Vehicle not meeting the purpose due to hirer negligence when booking. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any property left in the van attended or unattended at Cross Coastal Camper Hire premises. We shall also not be held accountable for damage or the loss of property if this is handled, recovered or stored within the premises or on-site of Cross Coastal Camper Hire. The Hirer, therefore, agrees that they shall not raise any claims, neither shall they make demands, request compensation or expenses. Neither shall the Hirer request legal costs to be compensated by Cross Coastal Camper Hire if the Hirer occurred or sustained legal costs by any reason within the use and or within their possession of the Vehicle.

Please Note

Any update to this document must be stated prior in writing and to be signed by Cross Coastal Camper Hire and the Hirer.

English Law shall govern this Agreement.

This Agreement represents the entire Agreement of both parties, and there are no other oral agreements or warranties put in place between us and the Hirer that relate to the subject matter of this Agreement. Cross Coastal Camper Hire reserves the right to increase or amend in any way the hire charges without giving prior notice.

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