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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I collect my camper ?
    Your camper will be ready and waiting at our secure premises. You will be sent our exact address and directions a few days before your hire commences.
  • Can I leave my car with you ?
    Yes! If you want to leave your car with us while enjoying your holiday, it can be stored at our secure premises. We will not charge for this, although we cannot be held responsible for your vehicle and cannot accept liability for your car.
  • Can we have more than one person listed as a driver ?
    Yes, you can add an additional driver at the booking stage. This costs £5 extra per day of the booking. The fee is to ensure you have the right insurance coverage necessary in hiring the van
  • What documents do I need to provide ?
    Upon booking, you will receive an email with everything we require to ensure a safe and legal hire can commence. In brief, we need your driver's license to conduct necessary licensing checks, 2 documents as proof of address and a signed rental agreement. Please do not worry; we will deal with all the legal technicalities so you can start your holiday from the moment you arrive with us.
  • What is included ? What will I need to bring ?
    Please visit our booking information page to see all our policies, including what is included in the hire and what you should bring.
  • Do we have to put down a security deposit ?
    We do require a security deposit of £750 in the instance of any damage or negligence incurred on the van.
  • Can I bring my dog ?
    We love dogs! Feel free to take your furry friend on your camper journey! There is an additional £10 cleaning fee to ensure we have adequate time and resources to ensure the van is clean and tidy for the next hirer. Please add this on at the booking stage.
  • What happens if I cancel?
    Please read our cancellation policy. Booking deposits are non-refundable as per our cancellation policy. However, should an extreme circumstance occur, please do contact us.
  • What happens if the van breaks down ?
    In the unlikely event that you incur a problem with the van that makes it underivable, please contact us ASAP. Included in all our hires is a 24/7 RAC recovery and breakdown service.
  • I loved your campervan so much, can you help me buy one ?
    Of course, we can! We work very closely with a few reasonably local suppliers that can source, furnish and build your dream camper, whether it be Volkswagen or another manufacturer.
  • Where can I take the van ?
    You can take the van wherever you wish within the country and enjoy our unlimited mileage perk. We just ask that you let us know where you plan to travel and return the van with the fuel it left with. We are currently working on travel into the EU, so please stay tuned for updates.
  • Is there anything else I need to know ?
    All information should be found on the ‘booking information’ page, you will also be given a small welcome pack with a guide to the van and some goodies. If there is anything else, please use our contact us page to send us an email.
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